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QuoteTDN PREMIUM includes extra features: * Quotidian Alarm * 3 Reminder messages * Full-screen countdown to alarm * Full-screen red-alert alarm notifications * Synchronized color schemes * Full resize of pop-up message box * Ability to use downloadable FREE QStuff * and more $9.97 add to cart

Inspiring Adages

Quotations to lift your spirits and the corners of your mouth. $1.97 add to cart

Lincoln quotes

Quotes from the speeches and writings of America's greatest President. $1.97 add to cart

Twain's musings

Samuel Clemens - known to the world as Mark Twain - is arguably America's greatest humorist. Enjoy the wit and wisdom of Twain through his writings, speeches and private conversations. We expended considerable effort to verify the authenticity and precise source of as many of these quotations as was possible. $1.97 add to cart


Quotations from famous gardeners through-out history, from Adam to Robinson. $1.97 add to cart

English Vocab Builder 01

A database of English vocabulary words suitable for advanced high school and undergrad university-level students. Words include: perspicacity, acuity, ponder, Hellenic, sanguine, and 45 more. $1.97 add to cart

English Vocab Builder 02

More English vocabulary words suitable for business and professional speakers. Words include: cat, dog, mouse, tree, house, and 45 more. $1.97 add to cart

Original Sources

The original source quotations of many of our present-day expressions and oft repeated phrases. Quotations from Geoffrey Chaucer (1300AD), Aesop (500BC), etc. $1.97 add to cart


Quotes from some of the funniest authors and poets of English literature, including P.G. Wodehouse, Jerome K. Jerome, Jane Austin, Robbie Burns, Ogden Nash, Scott Adams and more. $1.97 add to cart

Ancient Sages

Quotes, often humorous, from history's greatest wise men, including Aristotle, Socrates/Plato, Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Blaise Pascal, Albert Einstein, and more. $1.97 add to cart

Golden Age of Comedy

One-liners and side-slappers from the Marx Brothers, Burns and Gracie, The Three Stooges, Senator Cleghorn, Ezra Levant, and many more $1.97 add to cart

English Vocab Builder 03

Vocabulary builder and spelling challenge for the middle school set (ages 10 to 13). $1.97 add to cart

English Vocab Builder 04

Vocabulary words for cooks and house cats. Words include rowwwr, purrr, mmmmm, slurp, miyao, m'yeow and many more. $1.97 add to cart

English Vocab Builder 05

Vocabulary words for teens and tweenies. Words include gimme, me, like, y'know, like, aiight, like, bling, me, like, want, and more $1.97 add to cart

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